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Short Sales 4U LLC, Real Estate - Short Sale, Puyallup, WA

Short Sales Certified Distressed Property Expert CDPE, Short Sales 4U - USA Nationwide Service



If you knew that the difference between having a foreclosure on your credit verses a short sale could save you 5 to 7 years of bad credit, would you change direction?

If you qualify, I know that Short Sales 4U ®, LLC would be able to save you from having a home foreclosure mark on your credit, which can keep you from qualifying for new funding for 7 - 10 years. Wait! There is HOPE and GOOD NEWS!

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Short Sale Secret
Having a short sale on your credit report only affects your credit for 2 years! Wow! Information can make a difference!

You still have time to plan and save at least 5 years of bad credit by doing what we call a "Short Sale". In many cases, we have been able to delay or suspend the actual foreclosure date when our clients are participating in a short sale with Short Sales 4U ®, LLC . Home foreclosure can be avoided and our short sale service will show you how to short sell your home.

Now it is time for you to make a good decision. Don't wait until it's too late, get the right help now! Contact Short Sales 4U ®, LLC for your short sale information so you can get the help you need to get a fresh start. We will help you with the short sale process! For many years we have been assisting clients to avoid foreclosure.

  • Missed House Payments
  • Family Illness
  • Death in Family
  • Military Transfers
  • Devalued Property
  • Job Relocation
  • High Debt to Income Ratio

Don't worry about not having enough money to hire the right company to get you out of your mortgage debt. Short Sales 4U ®, LLC will get everything handled for you without charging you for our services. We charge the banks for our services so you don't have to worry. Our expertise can help you to avoid foreclosure. We are able to assist homeowners with their bank short sale, at a national and at a local level.

Short Sales 4U ®, LLC is here to answer questions and provide exceptional service to every homeowner and Real Estate Agent nationwide. We are a leading expert and are able to provide instant foreclosure help. Our agency is able to professionally facilitate short sales and Real Estate contracts.

We do not charge any upfront fees to the homeowner!

What is a Short Sale? A short sale occurs when the proceeds of a real estate sale fall short of the balance owed on the property. In a short sale, the bank or mortgage lender agrees to discount a loan balance due to an economic or financial hardship on the part of the mortgagor. This negotiation is all done through communication with a bank's Loss Mitigation Department. The home owner/debtor sells the mortgaged property for less than the outstanding balance of the loan, and turns over the proceeds of the sale to the lender, sometimes (but not always) in full satisfaction of the debt. In such instances, the lender would have the right to approve or disapprove of a proposed sale. Extenuating circumstances influence whether or not banks will discount a loan balance. These circumstances are usually related to the current real estate market climate and the individual borrower's financial situation.

Have you missed more than one mortgage payment?

Do you want to try to save your home although you have missed several payments?

Find the right answers for your mortgage relief by contacting Short Sales 4U ®, LLC TODAY! We have the right agents standing by nationwide to help you.

We have over 14 years of real estate experience successfully facilitating short sales and understand exactly how to make sure every client's needs are met.


How would you like to increase your listing inventory by 60%
Wouldn't it be nice to handle more short sale business with less effort?

Short Sales For Success Blog, by Stacie MacDonald

By partnering with Short Sales 4U ®, LLC real estate agents nationwide can handle much more inventory without the workload involved in handling short sales.

  • The average short sale can take up to 60 hours to process.

Wouldn't it be nice to only invest 15 hours on that same transaction and assure all of your clients that they not only have a saleable short sale, but know that every detail is handled quickly without unnecessary wait time? We are here to make sure that your specific needs and timelines are handled individually and effectively.

Short Sales 4U ®, LLC will help you increase your listings and sales volume with our short sell work relief program. Foreclosures are time consuming for Real Estate Agents. With the right partner, agents are able to sell more short sale homes and actually enjoy the short selling real estate process. Your customers can be assured that you have the resources available to help them avoid bank foreclosure. The agents we support can quickly access the resources needed to short sell property that is in jeopardy of home foreclosure. Call or email today for short sale help and assistance.

How hard do you really want to work, before you realize you need a short sale agent's help?

Agents from: California, Florida, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Alabama, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Utah, Arizona and more are using with great results!

If you need a professional short sale facilitator skilled in the mechanics of facilitating short sales successfully anywhere in the US. Contact us!

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